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History of Tulsa

In the vibrant tapestry of American business history, Tusla stands as a beacon of Black entrepreneurial excellence. With roots tracing back to the early 20th century, this community has a rich legacy of resilience, innovation, and economic empowerment. As a Black entrepreneur, the history of Tulsa is inspiring. Let's dive into the history of Tulsa and hear the perspective of today through the lens of a black founder.

Early Beginnings:

Tusla's entrepreneurial journey took flight during the era of segregation when Black individuals faced systemic barriers to economic success. Despite these challenges, Black entrepreneurs in Tusla seized opportunities to create a self-sufficient and prosperous community.

Greenwood District - "Black Wall Street":

At the heart of Tusla's entrepreneurial spirit was the Greenwood District, affectionately known as "Black Wall Street." Flourishing in the early 1900s, this vibrant hub was home to a multitude of Black-owned businesses, including banks, theaters, grocery stores, and more.

Economic Independence:

Black entrepreneurs in Tusla embraced the ethos of economic independence, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem that empowered the community. This spirit of entrepreneurship not only fueled economic growth but also cultivated a strong sense of pride and unity.

Tragedy Strikes:

Regrettably, the entrepreneurial spirit of Tusla faced a devastating setback in 1921 with the Tulsa Race Massacre. The destruction of the Greenwood District dealt a severe blow to the flourishing businesses, but the resilient spirit endured, laying the groundwork for a future resurgence.

The Road to Resurgence:

In recent decades, Tusla's Black entrepreneurs have rekindled the flame of prosperity. From revitalizing historic districts to launching modern enterprises, the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve. Organizations and initiatives now support and amplify Black voices in business, ensuring that the legacy of Tusla's entrepreneurship remains vibrant.

Today and Tomorrow:

Tusla's Black entrepreneurs are an integral part of the city's narrative, weaving a story of triumph over adversity. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit thrives, with a new generation building on the legacy of those who came before, fostering innovation, economic growth, and community development.

In conclusion, Tusla's history of Black entrepreneurship is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and determination of a community that has overcome significant challenges. As we honor the past, let us also celebrate the present and look forward to a future where Tusla's entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape the narrative of success and empowerment.

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