Stay Alive

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

This journey is no joke.

The most difficult thing to do is change my entire life. For so long I have lived in pain of my childhood as with many other women. I allowed my insecurities to define my relationships with friends, family and lovers. Unlearning the behavior that was apart of my upbringing is the hardest part of this journey.

Eating healthy and working out more is one way I have learned to take care of my physical being. But what about my mental and spiritual being?

I feared working on my mental health my entire like. This would require me to dive deep into the abyss of my inner self and learn who I truly am. I honestly have never been prepared or truly wanted to do this.

Journal-ling was something I ran from. Especially growing up in a household with little privacy. My journal could become a ticking time bomb for an explosive argument. This response taught me to keep my inner thoughts to myself and isolate my issues. I would deal with every situation by myself never opened up to anyone. This harmful practice ultimately landed me Laurel Regional Hospital in the psychiatric ward less than a week after I graduated with my Bachelors degree.

For the first time I had to explain to my family and friends that Ms. Perfect couldn't keep things all together anymore. It was time to start relying on those who love me in order to stay alive.

SLAY Naturals was what I previously used to cope with stress. So what happened this time?

I gave up on why I originally started and focused solely on profits and growing. Losing sight of my dream in order to please those around me. SLAY Naturals was meant to be a community building experience for those like myself who don't have access to self care and a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of how hard or long the journey, I will stay alive and so will you.

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