The Glow Up

Wearing less and going out more!

Beauty is confidence painted on the face. Being able to genuinely smile and show off some skin is the best thing I've learned. Realizing that all I need when I wake up is my smile and my body butter to give me all the glow I need. This Blog post will feature a poem specially designed around the glow up to encourage women to shine through their pain and come back out stronger and more confident.

Girl Glow naturally!

Absorb the sun and melt their hearts, little do they know your secret lies not with no extra applied. Just vitamin E with some butters and oils to add a lil taste to your sauce. They wonder how you look like a snack. Tell them your scrubbed in sugar and your body is covered in butter bringing pleasure to your taste buds all at once.

Once you reached your peak glow, you put your friends on. Now your whole crew glowing, lighting up every room. No heads are hung instead y'all walk into a room give those plastic filled girls a run for their money. Splenda can never be as sweet as honey, so they could never be as real as you not even after they try to regulate your natural.

Eyes glued to that natural you just present so well. So stylist yet elegant. Now you see why they can never seem to get enough of you. Now you can lift your head up and chase yourself. It's time to embrace your glow.

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