The Glow Up

Two years ago during my junior year of college I was diagnosed with anxiety depression. I had loss all my friends and had been dealing with an on and off ex for years. I initially started SLAY Naturals with a roommate as just an idea. I don't usually get religious, but I felt that God spoke to me and gave me a vision. While the co-founder didn't found her new passion, a vision of SLAY Naturals developed in my mind. I decided not only would I use SLAY Naturals as my therapy to cope with the things happening in my life, but I would encourage others to love and take of themselves as well.

Featured in this photo is a our strawberry mango body butter and mango sugar scrub.

I decided to start with two simple skin care products, sugar scrubs and body butter. These two products may seem simple but play a major role in keeping your skin moisturized as well as symbolically.

The sugar scrubs are great exfoliate. It's less abrasive, less damaging to your skin, environmentally friendly, brightly colored with bold spells. These make great qualities for an exfoliate, but can double as the qualities for your healing process. When deciding to change your life you need to be humble but bold in your journey. Stay elegant and patient as to cause less damage to the environment as you shake thing up. Once you have scrubbed away all that dead skin, dead beat dads, deadbeat friends, dead jobs, dead insecurities, allow yourself to glow.

That's when it is time to apply your body butter, with a Shea butter base and infused with different oils for long lasting moisture. A lot of times our moisturizer just sits on our skin because we haven't exfoliated. It may initially make us shine, but then half way through the day we are reapplying our moisturizer. This is the same way we like to cover up our flaws. Wearing a mask or a sometimes an automated voice to hide ourselves from the true issues. But just like cheap moisturizers, that can only last but so long before you have to apply another layer. Toss those cheap cover ups for some real healing Feed your soul with joy and happiness.

That combination works miracles. I let dead situations go and I replace my pain with joy and happiness. I am 22 and smiling. Two years ago, I never thought that I would be successful and would be making a name for myself in my hometown Baltimore. Now, I am a few weeks away from hosting my very first happy hour popup shop. Come out and meet me and SLAY Naturals!

Life is but a dream! STAY LOVELY AND YOUNG!

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