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Black is the Holy Grail for skin!

If you are fighing acne or inflamed skin black soap will help you achieve flawless skin. Our black soaps are hand made in Ghana with amazing ingredients. 



Carrot Oil, Lemon oil, Hibiscus oil, Neem oil, Moringa oil, Turmeric oil, Turmeric powder, Camwood oil, Papaya Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Aloe Vera, and Baobab oil

Black Soap

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$6.59Sale Price
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    Alexandria, H.

    I have use the body butters and let me tell you, my skin is soft and glowing. I absolutely recommend this product and so far this, or coconut oil is all I use to moisturize. I will be restocking as soon as I can.


    My skin is always extremely. I have brought so many products over the year and none have moisturized my skin. I purchased the Lemonade Body Butter. The minute I used the Body Butter, my skin felt extremely soft and glistened with moisture. I no longer use any other products to moisturize my body, but Slay Naturals Body Butters.


    The pink lemonade sugar scrub is one of my favorites! It clears away acne and blemishes within hours, and leaves your body with a smooth, comfortable feeling. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone!


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