About Us 

Our Mission

SLAY Naturals is a skin care line designed to bring more awareness to diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the cosmetic industry. We create handmade natural  products at an affordable price. We partner with local companies to make our products more accessible. We are based in Baltimore, Maryland. However, we ship products all around the world. 


We are dedicated to making skincare products designed with all skin types in mind. We continue to work with customers to understand which products are needed to make natural care achievable. We are committed to building community amongst people of all different backgrounds.

Founder's Story



My name is Breonna Massey and I am the founder of SLAY Naturals. A  few years ago I was highly disturbed by many of the marketing practices of natural care products. They often presented a certain look and excluded people who looked like me. 


Products were too expensive, too earthy and completely cramped my style. Thus, with the help of my college roommate, in February 2017 I launched SLAY Naturals . My college roommate and I tested products back home in Baltimore and Patapsico Flea market.  It was here that we talked to customers and got feedback regarding our products. 


My goal is to make every person feel happy about taking care of themselves. I want people to feel included in the brand they purchase and have the ability to feel a part of a larger movement, one that sees them as the focus. More importantly, I want to see people take pride and joy in being comfortable in their own skin. 

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