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"Glowing Resolutions: A Guide to Setting, Maintaining, and Achieving Your Skincare Goals in 2024"

As the new year rolls in we all love the saying “New year, new me.” But what does that REALLY mean? It means setting, maintaining, and achieving your goals. If this is something you want for 2024 keep reading as we break down a guide on how to transform your skin routine and achieve your dream skin. Although it’s skin focused these steps can be applied to just about any goal!


  1. Understand Your Skin

Before you can can set goals you need to know what you working with and what your concerns are. Do you have dry, combination, normal, or oily skin? Is your skin sensitive? What do you want to focus on acne, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, or uneven texture? Take a moment to look in the mirror, learn about your skin, and write a list.

  1. Define Your Priorities

Look at your list of concerns, be honest with yourself, and number them from most to least important. When numbering and adjusting your list, write them into target goals that realistically align with your lifestyle, values, and how you want to see yourself. For example, a goal could be “#3. Have a more even skin tone.”

  1. Utilize SMART Goals

Now that your list is numbered, use SMART goals to expand and guide yourself. “SMART goals” is an acronym for a criteria guide that makes goals more manageable by making them: 

Specific: Clearly define your goal, e.g., "Improve hydration."

Measurable: Set quantifiable metrics, such as drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

Achievable: Ensure your goal is realistic within your means and capabilities.

Relevant: Align your goal with your overall skincare objectives.

Time Bound: Set a specific timeframe or deadline for achieving the goal.

Take that same example, “#3. Have a more even skin tone.” and let's make it SMART by saying “I will minimize discoloration to my neck and cheeks to achieve a more even skin tone. I will use a Black Soap twice a day to even out my skin tone and take weekly pictures so I can see the progress by 4 months.”


  1. Consistency is Key

Once you have your game plan you need to “get on your Zoom.” EVERYDAY! RELIGIOUSLY. If you’re not consistent you’ll never see real change and keep in mind just because things are improving doesn’t mean you can stop! Things are improving because what you’re doing is work and you need to maintain.

  1. Adaptability 

These changes are new to your body, watch how it reacts, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments. Sometimes things work for a short period and then stop working. All that means is you need to reevaluate and adjust your products as needed.

  1. Self Care Practices

It’s hard work making the best version of yourself come to life so make sure you listen and take care of your body. Sleep when you need to, make sure you eat, and regularly hydrate and exercise.


  1. Celebrate the Small Wins

PROGRESS IS A WIN. Say it again. Progress is a win. Yes, we all want to cross the finish line but getting started and making progress no matter how small is always an achievement because you’re father than when you started. Remember your mindset is half the battle, positive reinforcement enhances motivation!

  1. Evaluate and Adjust

Always assess your routines and how effective they are, be open to change, and modify your goals based on how your needs are evolving. 

  1. Seek Professional Guidance

Remember you’re not a professional. If you’re struggling consider reaching out to a professional in the field of skincare. Set up an appointment with your local dermatologist and get personalized advice. 

So with 2024 beginning, here’s to a “New year, new me!” Whether you’re taking on a new journey – skincare-related or not – well-defined and achievable goals are the key to a successful year. Remember, achieving glowing skin is a journey, not a sprint – take each step with intention, and watch your skincare goals transform into a reality. Cheers to a year of self-love and radiant skin.

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