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Why you should add a sugar scrub to your skincare routine

Adding a sugar scrub to your skincare routine may be just the fix your skin needs to thrive!

When selecting a sugar scrub, you want to choose a scrub with ingredients that will nourish your skin, not just exfoliate your skin. Adding the wrong scrub to your

routine can do just as much damage to your skin as not having a set skincare routine. Here are a few reasons to incorporate a sugar scrub into your skincare routine.

Reasons to add sugar scrub
Why add sugar scrub

  1. Exfoliate Dead Skin: Skin is constantly shedding, and a layer of dead skin can be left behind. Having excess dead skin can lead to breakouts and other unwanted skin issues. Ideally, it would be best if you gently exfoliate two to three times a week. A sugar scrub can gently remove dead skin without damaging your skin.

  2. Prevent Ingrown Hair: Ingrown hairs can be irritating. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help prevent ingrown hairs right after a shave or wax. By removing the dead skin, hair can freely grow without being trapped by the skin.

  3. Promotes Skin Hydration: Sugar scrubs like the ones offered by Slay Naturals often have ingredients like vegetable glycerin. Ingredients like vegetable glycerin help to draw in water from your environment. If done in the shower, your skin can receive max hydration.

  4. Increase Skin Circulation: The rubbing motion of a sugar scrub may increase the circulation of your skin, speeding up skin care repair. Increased skin circulation may also lead to skin feeling softer and looking firmer.

  5. Safe for the Environment: Many other exfoliants involve several different chemicals or plastic, which can cause damage to your pipes after continuous use if they don't break down. Sugar dissolves in water and has little to no impact on your home's plumbing system. Sugar is also safe to ingest, so there is no need to call poison control if you accidentally complete your skincare routine!

In conclusion, adding a sugar scrub to your skincare routine can help you reach your skincare goals. Sugar scrubs are an easy, low-cost addition to your skincare routine.

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